PUBG MOBILE: New Character Andy Debuts Tomorrow

Tencent lately started adding characters PUBG mobile and the trend still continues. With many major news, updates and leaks ‘Andy’ was also the topic of discussion on PUBG mobile forums and blogs. Finally, Andt will went live on PUBG Mobile servers from tomorrow.

Andy is the fourth Mobile character added in game. Like every other character Andy has it’s own unique abilities.

The developers introduced us to Carlo before and are now ready with another male character addition called ‘Andy’ for PUBG mobile. Andy goes live from 13th June on Andys Revenge patch featuring own special abilities, outfit, voice and many more in-game. Pubg mobile fans don’t have to wait longer to try him out now.

Andy will be a magician and puppeteer driven by revenge featuring a special PUBG skill -gun master and quick reloading.

The new event Andy’s Puppet show is also started that offers you new rewards everyday for logging in. The first 3 rewards are leaked includes 1 Classic Crate coupon on the first day, 5 character shards, and 60 character vouchers on the second and third day.

There’s a short Puppet show trailer that unveils the back story of Andy’s dark past and revenge. Andy will available for  1200 UC to purchase, you can use character vouchers to reduce the cost.

Andy’s special skills can only work in Evo-Ground mode. Each level will offers us some new items, skills or emotes to use in-game.You can also avail the bundle of special outfits for Andy.

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