PUBG Mobile: New ‘Jungle Adventure Mode’ RELEASE DATE

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile progressed a lot more in two years since the release and considered as top battle royale games for mobile devices. The frequent in-game updates and additional features of PUBG Mobile attracted billions of players and more counting. Tencent never fails to amaze us. New PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update brought us some amazing new additional features in Miramar map like ‘Golden Mirado’, ‘Vending Machine’, ‘New weapon’ and ‘Sandstorm Mode’.

PUBG Mobile have released new mode for their every map except ‘Sanhok.’ But now it’s Sanhok’s turn with new “Mysterious Jungle” mode. Previously, two new modes were teased for new PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update. We have already experienced ‘Sandstorm’ mode. Get ready for a new ‘Jungle Adventure Mode’ on 1st June 2020.

Mysterious Jungle Mode:

Sanhok is one of the well-executed map by developers, whether it’s Jungle, climate or huts in map, everything at its peak. Tencent finally releasing anew mode for their most invested map in PUBG Mobile is really something to look forward to.

The new ‘Jungle Adventure Mode’ comes with several new in-game elements, will feature hot-air balloon and Totems. Both has their own aspects in the game. Totems is a new item said to grant blessings to players who find it. However, no official details are disclosed yet.

Hot-air balloon is another major thing in Jungle Adventure Mode that most players will have their eyes on. Hot-air balloon will act as a transport vehicle having an unpredictable route. We can scout the areas around and killing some enemies if spotted from ballon. The capacity of balloon is still unknown.

The new ‘Jungle Adventure Mode’ is set for release on 1st June 2020. Stay Tuned,

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