PUBG Mobile: New Lockdown Challenge

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile Introduces a new “7 Days StayHome” challenge during Quarantine. This whole new campaign was started by World Health Organization (WHO). The event will took place soon with many in-game challenges and rewards. Lucky winners can win some excited gift hampers.

This “7 Days StayHome” challenge will take place on Indian Gaming platforms covering games in various categories like puzzle, racing, etc. WHO introduced new gaming challenge to appeal players to stay indoor and support lockdown.

Corona Virus has spread more than expected in India. This is a high time and everyone should avoid going out as much as possible.

PUBG Mobile “7 Days StayHome” challenge brings us exciting and rare outfits, Classic Coupons, New skins and more. Game also has a community challenge where players will battle for 17000UC from PUBGM.

Players can receive rewards as PUBG Mobile second anniversary. You also have an opportunity to win rewards like S12 RP mission card, snowboard set, supply crate coupon, etc.

PUBG Mobile will provide discounts on outfits from 10-19th April. Each purchase will give you more discounts. The first purchase will have a 30% discount, while the 2nd purchase will receive a 50% discount. The third purchase will have a 70% discount.

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