PUBG Mobile New Sandstorm Mode on May 12

PUBG Mobile entered Season 13 few days ago with new 0.18.0 update. New Pubg mobile update in-game brings many additional features, modes and weapons added in-game. Season 13 tilted as ‘Mad Miramar’ focuses majorly on Miramar map has new vehicles and mode. However, some features are still not into action until now, includes the most anticipated “Sandstorm” mode.

Pubg players have been excitedly waiting to try out this new Mode. According to developers, Sandstorm mode will launch on 12 May 2020 on Miramar.

As per leaks, new sandstorm mode is of two types normal and heavy. In sandstorm mode the weather change- storm of sand will occur unexpectedly anywhere on Miramar covering a sizeable area of map. Leak suggest things around 100m will only be visible to players.


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Heavy sandstorm mode will be much dense and thick blocking your vision. Be ready with your AR’s and SMG’s because long range fight is not an option here.

You can use sandstorm as an advantage to hide from enemies and get cover for a while however it won’t be that easy to move freely keep your eyes on mini map constantly to be aware of surroundings.

Are you excited to take a fight in new Sandstorm Mode?

Gamers are already enjoying the new Pubg Mobile season while some are preparing for PMIS 2020.The registration has already begun for PUBG Mobile India Series 2020. Check here.

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