PUBG Mobile New Season 16 Update 1.1: New Changes & Things to Know

New Season of PUBG mobile is live now on the global server. It’s been a week since the release of PUBG Mobile 1.1 update which brings along new features, several adjustments and elements in-game. But, the major tweak in PUBG Mobile 1.1 update is the Lightweight Installation Function and Server Change Restriction. 

Developers of PUBG mobile released a YouTube video on their channel explaining the details of these two changes in 1.1 update. Let’s have a close look at Lightweight Installation Function and Server Change Restriction in PUBG Mobile 1.1.

Server Restriction

PUBG Mobile is laying down a server restriction in-game starting from this season. Means, Players cannot change the servers at their own will. Limiting server to players in PUBG mobile is one of the major changes in the new update.

Once you change the server, you have to wait for the next 60 days to change it back again. You have to verify the region in-game at the start of the season. If you team up with players from a different server, the whole team will play in the host’s server.

Lightweight Installation Function

Lightweight Installation Function is a significant update in PUBG Mobile 1.1. It allows the player to control the size of PUBG Mobile as their own needs. PUBG Mobile game file has been reduced to 610 MB on the Google Play Store. You can now download/delete the required resource packs from the “Download” table in the settings menu. Resources pack are heavy and may cause the game to lag on low-end devices. This update is much helpful from players having a moderate device and just wants to enjoy the game. Players can also earn rewards by Downloading specific packs in PUBG Mobile.

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