PUBG Mobile New ‘Unranked Classic’ Mode Update

PUBG Mobile upcoming 0.19.0 update is highly anticipated now. Players are hyped and excited for major new contents  of 0.19.0. We already had a sneak peak on ‘Everything we know about 0.19.0 update’. The new update will be out on 7th July with exclusive new Livik map. Along with it, a recent leak surfaced in the PUBG Mobile beta version termed as ‘Unranked Classic’ mode. New mode has now become the part of discussion in PUBG Mobile forums, blogs and social media.

Unranked Classic Mode

We are all familiar with the popular classic mode in PUBG Mobile, the most played mode in-game. Tencent is planning to help players get more gaming experience without worrying about their ranks and points. As per new leak, PUBG mobile introduced new Unranked Classic mode added alongside the current classic matches section in-game.

A new Unranked Classic mode allow players to play the Classic Matches without getting their rank points deducted. It’s the most useful feature for beginners to get the proper gameplay experience. Unfortunately, the privilege to select a map of choice is taken away from players in this event. It means that the Unranked Classic mode will assign a random map to players. Unlike in claasic mode players do not have to worry about losing their ranks, points in an unranked classic mode. You can finally enjoy the PUBG mobile with your friends who recently started playing.

Players now have two options to choose from 1) normal classic mode 2) Unranked classic mode. Unranked Classic mode features all the four classic maps from PUBG Mobile- Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. This new mode offers a similar gameplay to that of classic match. Other features like solo, duo, squad mode and TPP, FPP options are available.

Unranked classic mode is being tested in the PUBG Mobile Beta Version and launch on global servers of PUBG Mobile this July.

New Event

PUBG Mobile Beta also included the ‘Ancient Secret’ event in Erangel. The event was only available on Miramar at start and introduced features like Sky Temples, Snakes, and Mummy Boss in PUBG Mobile Beta and these same features are now available in Erangel too.

Are you excited for upcoming 0.19.0 update?

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