PUBG Mobile Officially Announced Livik Release Date

PUBG Mobile highly anticipated 0.19.0 update will launch on 7th July 1010. Players are excited and eagerly waiting for the release. The new update promises to add additional new features in game including brand new PUBG mobile map ‘Livik’. Livik is the most awaited map currently, and developers finally announced the official release date .

New Pubg mobile 0.19.0 update is rolling out this month. PUBG mobile new update  bring a lot of new features like weapons, vehicles and a new map. Game publisher announced the release date of map on official Twitter account. Livik is a brand new exclusive PUBG Mobile map and will launch within 5 days, said officials.

PUBG Mobile exclusive Livik map will go live on 7th July 2020, the day update releases. Players can finally get their hands on this map soon (few days to go).

 The upcoming new update requires larger memory space, make sure you device have enough storage for next PUBG mobile 0.19.0 update. You can experience a new fast paced battle ground with lots of action in this small sized map.

Livik also features new vehicles and weapons in-game that adds spice to new map. New Monster Truck with large tyres, specialized for travelling on hills, terrains and mountains. Two new weapons on map called SPAS-12 (shotgun )and an AR with a bipod called MK12.

PUBG mobile exclusive Livik is the shortest map in PUBG Mobile spread across 2×2 km. Tencent brought together every aspect of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. 

Other new updates on Livik consist of Waterfalls, Weapon crates etc. Livik has many content packed and hence, is the highly anticipated map of PUBG mobile.

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