PUBG Mobile: One-Shot Knock Weapons

PUBG Mobile has improved a lot whether it’s weapons, map or features. PUBG Mobile is the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. The Gameplay, Graphics and Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, game has so many players.

From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique sets of guns have attracted over millions of players in the game. PUBG is all about weapons, and how better you use them. All players have their own style and choices of weapons. Let’s have a look at Top 3 One Shot knock weapons in PUBG mobile.

Top 3 One Shot knock Weapons


No doubt AWM is one of the best and powerful shooting weapon in PUBG mobile. AWM posseses a great damage capability and can bring down enemies in a headshot. It Inflicts 120 base damage and a crushing 300 headshot damage. This is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. It uses. 300 magnum ammo one of a kind in the game. This is the only ammo suitable for this only gun. As this gun is a powerhouse, it is only available in air-drops. 

  • Power: 105/100; 
  • Recoil: 35/100; 
  • Range: 100/100; 
  • Firing Speed:4/100; 
  • Magazine Size: 5; 
  • Ammo Type: 300 Magnum


S1897 shotgun can save your life during early stages. This is the lethal close range weapons that blow great damage of 234 (24 per bullets). S1897 unloads 9 bullets per shot and can knock down enemies if they receive each of it at once.

  • Power: 26/100; 
  • Recoil: 77/100; 
  • Range: 13/100; 
  • Firing Speed: 7/100; 
  • Magazine Size:5; 
  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge


Crossbow is another powerful and underrated weapon that can knock your enemy down in one headshot. Crossbows are always avoided in PUBG mobile. Since its existent, no one prefers crossbows as it requires higher reload time and fires one shot at a time. It uses bolts instead of ammo. The sound of Crossbow is close to nothing. Opponent may get confused from where they got hit.

  • Power: 96/100; 
  • Recoil: 20/100; 
  • Range: 16/100; 
  • Firing Speed: 2/100

Do you use crossbows in PUBG Mobile?

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