PUBG Mobile: PMCO 2020 Regional Finals This Weekend

Pubg Mobile Club Open is an Online Tournament by PUBG Mobile taking place twice annually a year. PMCO India was divided into 4 groups with 32 teams all over India competing each other.

With the end of Regional Semi-finals, developers have unveiled the details about the regional finals. The Finals would begin from 22nd Feb and last until 23rd Feb. All the 16 teams selected will compete for their spot to play in PMCO South Asia Tournament.

The Regional finals would consist of 12 matches played on all four maps in TPP mode. You can stream it live on PUBG Mobile Official YouTube Channel.

Only top 9 teams in Regional Finale will qualify for PMCO South Asia. Later, already selected 5 Indian teams, along with 9 from PMCO India and 6 from PMCO South Asia will fight for the 5 qualifier slots of World League East.

The tournament has a total prize pool of Five million dollars twice to that of last year.

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