PUBG Mobile Rank Push Tips

PUBG mobile has an enormous player base. Rank Push in PUBG mobile is the done by many players in-game to reach the conqueror tier soon. If you want to rank push quickly here are some tips for you.

How to Rank Push Quickly

Choose the proper map in PUBG Mobile. When it comes to rank pushing, Erangel our best friend. Rank push in Erangel is the best way to achieve your target soon. Erangel being one of the largest map in PUBG mobile has various places for drops and loots. You can land anywhere you want in this long map. Erangel offers you many options in-game. Do you know the hot drops in Erangel that should be avoided by many players during rank push- Military Base, Georgopol, Pochinki and Novo.

Avoid hot drops and land near the compact building or at drops that have decent loots. Once you have completed your loot, find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking bare foot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. Vehicles comes in handy during the last circles and in an open ground.

Survive the starting fifteen minutes and equip some suitable amount of loots. Find the perfect spot within the circle. Assume, where could the best possibility of zone formation. Seize the top spots in a location it could either be hill, mountains or buildings. Make sure you have good cover, scope to scout and kill enemies if spotted.

Survival is paramount here. Kill point is not as important as survival points. But you need some kills in your pocket. Get some decent number of kills until the end of the circle. Your prime motive should be to get into top players of the match.

Erangel offers you a great possibility of larger survival time and less squad encounter, which significantly increases your survival points. That’s the tip for rank push. You can also rank push on maps like Sanhok and Vikendi. But it’s tricky.

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