PUBG Mobile: Ranking all Air-Drop Weapons

PUBG Mobile has a large player base across the world. Everyday millions of players connect on PUBGM global server to battle against each other. This game has dominated the Indian mobile gaming market standing on top. PUBGM offers various weapons in-game including snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols.

1) Groza

Groza is the king of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It’s a rare air-drop gun that loads 7.62 mm bullets with a one of highest firing rate beside M416. However, it only comes with a scope and magazine slot, and a unique muzzle slot that can only equip a suppressor. Groza deals a damage of 47 now, in the latest version the damage rate is lowered by 2. Groza has a flaws too .i.e. its reload time of 3 seconds apart from this. Its an amazing gun to carry in PUBG Mobile. As always Groza still sits on Top.

2) AWM

Arctic Warfare Magnum, more commonly known to PUBG players as AWM, is hands down the best sniper rifle in the whole game. Inflicting 120 base damage and a crushing 300 headshot damage, this is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. It uses. 300 magnum ammo one of a kind in game. This is the only ammo suitable for this only gun. As this gun is a powerhouse, it is only available in air-drops. 

3) MK14

Mk14 or Mark 14 is a supply drop weapon of the DMR class which is fed 7.62mm rounds. It comes under the DMR category of snioer rifles and considered superior to SKS, SLR and Mini 14. Its base damage is 63 which is the highest for DMRs. It surely is difficult for a long range steady snipe but a beast in close range when you switch it to auto mode. Due to it’s high recoil, it is usually left behind in air drops.

4) M249

M249 is a beast that excels at clearing a room. Fires 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammo per magazine. This rare airdrop weapon is used by hell lots of players and many a time gets avoided because it requires much time to reload. It has alower recoil but very high firing ratw that makes it hard to control. Once you master this weapon, there’s no going back.

5) AUG A3

AUG A3 is a destructive assault rifle only found in Crates has its own weakness and strengths. AUG has the same damage rate as M416 41 but the exceptional handling with proper attachments make this gun unique from all. The major drawback of AUG is its reload time. Gun loads 5.56mm bullets and deals maximum damage upto 70meters.

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