PUBG Mobile Sanhok: Flare Gun Locations

PUBG Mobile has evolved a lot since release. The constant in-game updates have made this title one of most popular battle royale games on mobile phones. With millions of player base PUBG mobile triumph as the best game on Android/iOS devices. From Maps, weapons to graphics every element of PUBG Mobile is amazing. 

Flare Gun is PUBG mobile plays a significant role in game, it’s used to call-in a special supply-crate air drop, that brings level 3 helmet, a bag, and a vest when the player uses it inside the play zone. This air drop also holds a powerful rare weapons. Finding flare guns in PUBG mobile has never been an easy task as it’s randomly spawned across various locations on the map. Today we’ll focus on the top places of Sanhok, where we can find the flare gun.

Where To find Flare Guns in Sanhok?

Sanhok is the fast-paced and smallest classic map in PUBG Mobile. Sanhok mainly known for its rain forest location has various flare gun locations with high probability. Today we’ll look at those locations.

Below is the full Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile. The locations marked in red showcase the higher spawn rates of flare gun. Yellow ones have bit low spawn rates. Biggest the area, higher the spawn rate of flare gun in Sanhok.

The top two best flare gun spawn locations in Sanhok are:


Bootcamp is the target of several squads in Sanhok. This hotdrop location have the very high spawn rate of Flare Gun. Gun fight is inevitable. Be ready to defeat your enemy and survive the battle. Bootcamp can get you the more kills than any other hot drops in Sanhok.


Khao located at coast side of Sanhok is hot drop for many squads. If you luckily find the flare gun here, look for zone and proper spot before calling an air drop.

Other locations with good probability are:

  • amp Charlie
  • Camp Bravo
  • Sahmee
  • Docks
  • Kampona
  • Ha Tinh
  • Ban Tai

Use the flare gun a few seconds before the countdown ends as rest of squad would be rolling into safe zone. This decreases the chances of getting caught by other squads during the loot.

What’s your fav landing location in Sanhok?

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