PUBG Mobile Season 10 Leaks & Update

PUBG Mobile season 10 is not far away !!!!

The news of PUBG Mobile Season 10 leaks is in the air.According to sources, Season 10 updates will be unveiled soon.We may see new weapons,outfits and gun skins evidently upcoming season.As we were introduced to some great features in recent update of PUBG Mobile hence there’s no official announcement about the leaks and season 10 release date.However, as per leaks it have some impressive updates in upcoming Season 10.

1 ) Season 10 Logo :

Season 10 Royale pass logo looks rough and tumble having those battle vibes seems amazing.Most probably,based on the leaks,logo,outfits and weapon season 10 focuses much on Miramar. A Miramar theme, PUBG Mobile never fails to astonish us.

2) MP5K Gun

A new MP5K SMG rifle is confirmed for season 10 that fires 9mm ammo.So we may get our hands on new rifle soon,it works good in close combat not recommended to use for long distance fight.Gun might only be available for play in Vikendi map.

3) M249 Skin :

One of the dope guns with high fire rate and speed in PUBG Mobile. M249 lovers ,hold your horses for brand new M249 skin in this upcoming PUBG Mobile season.Skin looks sexy in pic I wonder how fun it would be to use in actual game-play.

4) New Outfits

As in every season this season we’ll be having impressive outfits too.Above pics are the leaks from sources,outfits are attractive and may cost you some UC. However we’ll be familiar with it soon.

5) Purchase bonus

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Purchase bonus will have New outfits and gun skins. Outfits for 60 UC & 120 UC as usual with gun skin .Few more additional purchases may get available till release.Request Royal pass from friend feature is also there in this season too.

More details about new emotes,skins and features for Season 10 may leak.I’ll keep you updated.

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