PUBG Mobile Season 13 is Almost Here

PUBG Mobile is back into race with another new 0.18.0 updates and Season 13 Battle Pass. Players received the 0.18.0 lately on PUBG Mobile server and is all set to step into new Season 13 tomorrow. PUBG Mobile Season 13 will go live tomorrow on 7:30 AM IST as always followed by a small in-game update. Royal pass is locked now and PUBGM gamers are very excited for new rewards and gifts.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 updates came with many new features, weapons, vehicles and mode, few are yet to be implemented.

Season 13 titled as ‘Toy Playground’ will introduce us to new PUBG Mobile character Andy a magician and puppeteer driven by revenge featuring a special PUBG skill -gun master and quick reloading.


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New characters ‘Andy‘ comes with max 10 levels to unlock after purchasing him in-game store by UC. Each level will offers us some new items, skills or emotes to use in-game. Players can also avail the bundle of special outfits for Andy.

Season 13 brings us new AG currency for players to get premium items without spending an ounce. AG gained in an events and milestones can be used instead of UC to purchase premium items.

Season 13 unlocks a new list of RP mission for all PUBG Mobile players having some exciting and difficult daily challenges and mission waiting for us. You can win some new skins and emotes by completing the respective mission. Season 12 stats will also be updated on May 13.

Also,  minor changes and improvements include improved RP push notifications and tutorial guides, along with fixes for known bugs have been made.

Are you excited for Season 13?

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