PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date and Everything We Know

Pubg mobile season 15 is finally close to an end. Season 15 ‘Beyond the A.C.E’ finally comes to an end and Developers are all prepared with new pubg mobile season 16. New-season will launch as soon as the current one ends next month.

As we all know pubg mobile season 15 scheduled to end on 15th November 2020 with the end of Royal pass section and preventing players to claim prizes however pubg mobile players have enough time to complete challenges and collect the rewards.

Pubg mobile season 16 will go live next month a few days after the end of Season 15. But the officials have not shared the exact release date of season 16. We have to wait until the official announcement. It may take a few more days.

Let’s talk about upcoming season 16 Royal pass the new Royal pass will just work as life season 15. The game will offer one free and two paid Royale Pass versions – two levels of royal pass – Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC and Elite Plus Pass for 1800 UC.

 As soon as the previous season ends all your ranks and statistics will be reset. Season 16 Tier rewards have been Leaked already. Season 16 tier reward consists of New Thompson Skin, Yellow Parachute skin and more. Read here.

Are you excited for New Season?

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