PUBG Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards Leaked

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is about to end soon next month and Tencent’s all set with new Season 16 releasing on 1-2 week of November.

As usual, PUBG Mobile leaks surfaced on the Internet again. The leak suggests the Season 16 Tier rewards with brand new outfits, skins, etc. Let us have a look at upcoming new season 16 Tier rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards

Tier rewards include seasoned themed gifts and also silver coin which you can collect at the end of the season. Season 16 Tier rewards consist of the outfit, mask, gun skin, parachute skin, and more.

Season 16 Gold Tier reward gives you 600 silver coins and a cool outfit.

New Thompson Skin Diamond Tier

Next Platinum tier reward consists of steel mask and 800 silver fragments.

Diamond tier has a brand new exclusive fancy gun skin of new updated SMG Thompson. Thompson has now become the powerful SMGs in PUBG Mobile with an attachment slot for a red dot or holographic sight. Players who reach Diamond Tier will also receive 1000 silver coins.

Crown tier rewards you with tier protection card and 1300 silver coins.

Ace Tier Yellow Parachute Skin

Ace Tier has a seasoned themed Yellow Parachute skin and an Ace Name Tag. You will also get 1600 silver coins. If you are among the top 500 players, you will be promoted to the Conqueror tier.

Conqueror tier rewards include Season 16 conqueror avatar frame, a conqueror name tag, and 2000 silver fragments.

That’s all, for now, are you excited for Season 16?

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