The news of PUBG Mobile Season 10 update 0.15.5 is in the air as Season 9 will end on November 9 2019.There wont me any major changes in this update players might get to see few changes in PUBG Mobile.According to news, Players may get to use new MP5K sub-machine gun that fires 9mm ammo and support all attachments.  Team Deathmatch  will include new maps in this update .

New Team Death Match Map could be added to game that feature Ruins region from Erangel.The map is already available on the beta version of PUBG Mobile, so along with some new patch we may get to see The Ruins as Evo- Ground Map.The ruins for TDM is inspired from Sanhok and will only be playable in TDM.

PUBG Mobile India lately tease about the new maps arrival in PUBG Mobile. Players are really looking forward to new map in TDM after Payload mode update.

Soon we will be seeing it in PUBG Mobile unfortunately we dont knoiw the exact date of release now its the matter of time until its out. Most probably we will be seeing it after Season 9 ends.

Other features like new outfits ,new avatar frame & new quick voice chat ‘Sara’ is expected on PUBG Mobile update 0.15.5.Season 10 update have two elite royal pass- Elite pass & Elite pass plus.Season 10 on PUBG Mobile will be called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ and the theme will be set on the backdrop of Mad Max Fury.New weapons skin ,outfits and parachute skins is expected on Season 10.

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