PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Halloween Infection Mode

PUBG mobile introduced several events, modes and challenges in-game this Halloween to enjoy with our friends and community. Halloween Infection Mode is live now on PUBG Mobile since last week. 

The exclusive Halloween Infection Mode has finally made its way back after a year again. This new mode was released in PUBG Mobile for the very first time in 0.14.0 update last year. It’s a limited-time event for PUBG Mobile players. In this article, We’ll talk about the Tips and Tricks for Halloween Infection Mode.

In Infection Mode players are divided into 2 teams -Defenders and Zombies. The game beings with 3 players turning into zombies who can only use melee weapons to attack players. Zombies with infinite respawn and higher health have to kill the normal players with melee weapons till the clock runs out. The timer sets for 3 minutes. Defenders have to defend against these zombies, the one who gets killed will also turn into a zombie. It features a chain effect. 

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Infection Mode

Defenders Tips:

Defenders have to get to chokepoint as soon as the round starts. It will give you an advantage over zombies. Do not let zombies clear the choke point, stick with others defenders for help. Always shoot at the head to kill Zombies quickly. Zombies slow down when they get shot.

When only three defenders are remaining, they will turn into Vanquishers, powerful warriors with a lot of HP and a powerful melee attack. Vanquishers are powerful and zombies killed by them won’t respawn. Vanquishers should move unpredictably because zombies move faster than them.

Zombies Tips:

Zombies should focus on increasing the zombie count. AIm for the defenders who haven’t positioned himself properly. Attacking in a group gives you a greater advantage over defenders. Do not get trapped at the choke point, find another way to flank on the other side.

Keep searching for boosters around to evolve into a Zombie King, a strong Zombie that can increase the defence of zombies around him. To deal with Vanquishers, corner them with the help of other zombies in-game. Be aware of Vanquisher’s attack as they deal great damage. Zombies can run into the blue zone to attack and drink booster. For zombies, everything depends on your melee skills in the end.

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