PUBG Mobile: Tips To Grab Chicken Dinner on Livik Map

PUBG mobile received one of the highly awaited 0.19.0 update recently. Livik map, the most anticipated map in PUBG mobile, has wow many players in-game. It’s the smallest map in PUBG mobile spread across 2×2 km that can hold 52 players. This small and fast-paced map features aspect of every other classic map in PUBG mobile including Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar. Livik also features new vehicles and weapons in-game that adds spice to the new map. 

Every map in PUBG mobile has its own element and characteristics. It requires a new strategy and game plan to stand out from other players. Likewise, Livik has its own feature that makes it one of the most interesting battleground in PUBG Mobile. Do you want to know the tips to Grab Chicken Dinner on this smallest map? Today we’ll discuss those five helpful tips that we have come across and it may help you too.

Proper Jump Strategy

We all know about the classic map’s Jumping strategy –we jump from 750m distance from the marked location. Unlike, Livik is the smallest and fast pace map, you have to jump at the distance of 400m. Face down and land at the full speed of 234km/h.

Land on Center of Map

Livik being the smallest map in PUBG mobile. The game play only lasts for 15minutes. So you have to be quick to head towards the zone and avoid bluezone as much as possible. Landing on center provides you an upper hand as per map build up. You can easily cover up all the areas on the map on time from center. Livik has its own advantages and landing on center will surely give you an opportunity to grab the better spot.

Say No to Airdrops

Airdrops can be a risky thing. As the map is small airdrop can be easily located and used as a bait from other squads. You may receive shots from all the directions unknowingly. It’s better to Avoid airdrops in Livik. Instead, you can use it as a bait.

UAZ > Monster Truck

Monster Truck is brand new PUBG Mobile vehicle on Livik map. It can climb any hill, terrains or mountains easily because of heavy large tyres. But this vehicle isn’t a suitable cover during the fight. Whereas, UAZ have top health bar and safer than compare to monster truck.

No need of Vehicles

Why to avoid vehicles? Livik is the shortest map, and travelling through vehicles may expose you to all the squads around. Instead, you can use foot to cover the distance safely and soundly.

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