PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks for Sanhok Docks

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game. Weapons and Maps are the other major reasons why this game is loved by millions of players. PUBG mobile has become a phenomenon. Daily millions of players play this game whether they rank push, maintain their KD or improve their skills. 

Today, we’ll discuss about a hotdrop location in Sanhok-Docks.

Sanhok Docks

Sanhok, it is the fast-paced and smallest map in PUBG Mobile. Sanhok mainly known for its rain forest location. Dock in Sanhok is the underrated hotdrop location. 

It is the landmark in Sanhok located near the sea. The cargo ships are filled with lots of loots and rare weapons and level 3 loot. At least 3 squads land here because of good supplies. This location is surrounded by hills and valleys, hence have no vehicles in its vicinity.

Tips To Survive in Docks

Docks consists of good loot and is one of the favorite place to land for many squads. Here are few tips to survive in Docks.

1) Look out for enough supplies before engaging in fight.

2) The number of teams landing in docks, depends upon the plane line, be wise to make a good decision.

3) Keep an eye on enemies location while landing, drop on warehouse or ship.

4) Rush in warehouse for loot, if no-one’s there.

5) If you do not have sufficient loot and spot enemies on ship , you can hide or jump in water to swim far and attack from other direction.

6) Vehicles are hard to find here. However, there’s a boat at Docks, find the boat get to the safe zone asap.

7) Enter safe zone by boat from the docks is the safest option.

8) If you’re stuck and zone shrinks, you can find a UAZ or truck on the way outside Kampong. Get first asap before other teammates take it.

9) Keep enough health items to survive and get to safe zone.

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