PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Powerful Weapons 2020

PUBG Mobile has improved a lot whether it’s weapons, map or features. PUBG Mobile is the most popular game worldwide for Android and iOS devices. The Gameplay, Graphics and Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, game has so many players.

From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique sets of guns have attracted over millions of players in the game. PUBG is all about weapons, and how better you use them.

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In this article, I’m going to talk about top 5 powerful weapons. The weapons mentioned below is is no particular sequence.


Yeah, AKM stands first in my list the most powerful and lethal Assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. AKM possess a destructive potential to outdo all the ARs in PUBG Mobile.

AKM is the brutal AR in PUBG mobile. Uses the 7.6mm of bullets and deals higher damage than every gun. AKM can destroy your enemy in a single headshot. It deals the damage same as Groza. One needs a great recoil control skill to handle this gun.


The second in my list, the most preferred and loved weapon in PUBG Mobile- M416. M416 is a remarkable weapon in pubg mobile with amazing aesthetics, fire rate and damage.

M416 allows a great amount of flexibility and it’s beast with proper attachments. The gun loads 5.56mm bullets and offers a damage rate of 41.


How can we forget snipers? M24 rules in my list in terms of Snipers. I just love this weapon. I like Kar98 too, but M24 takes the spot here in bolt-action.

M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle and the most powerful sniper rifle in game. It does a fatal damage and can knock the player with a level 2 helmet. M24 loads 7.6mm of bullets and has a very low spawn rate in PUBG mobile. Though this sniper is not as popular as Kar98 among players. But, it is a destructible one.


M762 is my next favourite AR in PUBG Mobile that I mostly prefer.

Beryl -M762, the addition of this gun in PUBG Mobile update is the best thing ever happened for mobile gamers. The gun has a greater damage of 46 close to AKM and GROZA. It is a destructive assault rifle that deals a great amount of damage in close combats.


I’m the players who depends on UZI for an entire classic match. I just love it, the smoothness of spray, godlike speed, less recoil and amazing control.

UZI is the beast in close combat. UZI has the full-auto firing mode and highest firing rate gives you an upper hand in close combat. It loads 9mm of bullets and has better stability, less recoil with higher damage that wipe out few members of the squad. UZI can load 35 bullets with proper attachments and is the deadliest in close combat.

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