PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Sniper Rifles

PUBG Mobile has a large player base across the world. Everyday millions of players connect on PUBGM global server to battle against each other. PUBGM offers various weapons in-game including snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols.

When it comes to sniping, PUBG mobile has some destructive sniper rifles in game. From rare air droop sniper rifles to powerful spawned ones. Sniping is one of the fav skills of many players. There’re a number of snipers available from DMR to bolt-action. Today we’ll have a look at Best five sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile.

Best 5 Sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile.


Arctic Warfare Magnum, more commonly known to PUBG players as AWM, is hands down the best sniper rifle in the whole game. Inflicting 120 base damage and a crushing 300 headshot damage, this is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. It uses. 300 magnum ammo one of a kind in game. This is the only ammo suitable for this only gun. As this gun is a powerhouse, it is only available in air-drops. 


The Mk14 or Mark 14 is a supply drop weapon of the DMR class which is fed 7.62mm rounds. It comes under the DMR category of snioer rifles and considered superior to SKS, SLR and Mini 14. Its base damage is 63 which is the highest for DMRs. It surely is difficult for a long range steady snipe but a beast in close range when you switch it to auto mode. Due to it’s high recoil, it is usually left behind in air drops.


M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle and the most powerful sniper rifle in game. It does a fatal damage and can knock the player with a level 2 helmet. M24 loads 7.6mm of bullets and has a very low spawn rate in PUBG mobile. Though this sniper is not as popular as Kar98 among players. But, it is a destructible one.


Kar98, loved by millions of PUBG mobile players. Many players prefere this bolt-action sniper rifle over all the snipers in PUBG mobile. Kar98 has its own importance in game though it’s not as powerful as M24. Kar98 fires 7.6mm of bullets and most popular sniper in PUBG Mobile.


Mini14 is most preferred DMR in PUBG Mobile. It is a good semi-automatic DMR and prove itself as lethal weapons at various occasions. This lightweight DMR and is useful in short-range combats with Power of 46 carries 20 round mags. Mini14 can effectively destroy a level 2 helmet in two close-range shots.

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