PUBG Mobile: Top SMG Rifles

PUBG Mobile lately entered Season 13 with 0.18.0 update that brings us many additional features, weapons and vehicles in-game. Since the launch of game, PUBG mobile underwent lots of changes and introduced us many new weapons and updates. Graphics, Weapons and maps are the major reason why PUBG Mobile has an enormous player base. There’re various weapons to select from Pistoles to Sniper rifles. Long range, Mid-range to short-range. Today we’ll be discussing about SMGs in PUBG mobile.

SMG(Sub Machine guns) are mostly taken lightly many a time in PUBG mobile. Various players faced consequences by losing their life against SMG. They are more effective indoors, over short distance. It dealts higher damage in close combats. SMGs are also among the powerful weapons in PUBG mobile that can save you at various occasions. Close combat to early landing, SMG come handy always. PUBG mobile have a great roster of SMGs. Let’s have a look at Top SMG Rifles in PUBG Mobile.

Top SMG Rifles in PUBG Mobile


P90 is the newest weapon in PUBG Mobile introduced recently. It is a lethal weapon in close combat with significant high firing rate as compared to other rifles. P90 uses 9mm of bullet with high load mag capacity of 50 bullets. 50 bullets with high fire rate is enough to bring down a whole squad. This weapon more flexible than other SMGs consist of three firing modes single, burst, and auto. It can also prove helpful in long range combats.


Vector is the best SMG with high firing rate and can load 33 bullets(with extended). It is among the rare SMGs that is hardly found in PUBG Mobile. You must always keep an eye using vectore because of high firing rate,  ammo in your clip deplete in less than a second. Vector is extremely effective SMG in PUBG Mobile.


UZI is the beast in close combat. UZI has the full-auto firing mode and highest firing rate gives you an upper hand in close combat. It loads 9mm of bullets and has better stability, less recoil with higher damage that wipe out few members of squad. UZI can load 35 bullets with proper attachments and is the most deadliest in close combat. Many players in PUBG Mobile even depends on UZI to play entire classic match.

Tommy/ Thompson Gun

Tommy is one of its kind, having the characteristics of handguns and SMGs. Tommy can load 50 rounds in the magazine with extended and deals high damage in close combat. It is mostly avoided because of unavailability of scope and other required attachments. Thompson loads .45 ACP of bullets and deals a significant amount of damage to enemies.


UMP9 is among the powerful SMGs with decent base damage. The updates have shifted UMP9 from 9mmk to .45 bullets, which gradually decreased the impact of damage. The  accuracy over short distance make this type of weapons unparalleled, when it comes to damage dealt. It is good for close combats.

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