PUBG Mobile: Top Vehicles on Map

PUBG Mobile is the best Battle Royale game on Android and iOS devices. Tencent offers many features in-game that makes the PUBG mobile more interesting. Vehicles in PUBG mobile have own advantages and disadvantages. It helps us to cover the major areas on the map with the decent speed. You can move quickly from one point to another with the help of these vehicles. Many a time it saves us from enemies, mostly bluezones and also act as a cover during the fight. Vehicles have their own health bar and fuel gauge that players have to keep in mind when riding one. A lot of times the vehicles ends up becoming the target of an opponent. We have to be careful. Today we’ll be looking at Top PUBG mobile vehicles.

Top Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

5 Motorcycle

Motorcycle in PUBG mobile is available on every map. It’s the fastest vehicle in game and has different color schemes for Erangel and Miramar. However, motorcycle can only seat two players at a time and have low health bar. You have to be careful while driving it. Players can only shoot SMGs while riding a bike so, it may lower your potential then. You can also perform the stunts on bike for fun. Maintaining a balance is difficult but it comes in handy when there’re no options.

4 Dacia

Dacia is a four-seater vehicle that is only available in Erangel map. This sedan has a decent health, but  it’s unstable. It is the fastest four seater in PUBG mobile. Dacia has a decent HP, which makes it easy to shoot and destroy. This top speed four wheeler with low 1800  HP can become the good defense during the fight.

3 Mirado

Mirado is the special muscle car found in Miramar map. This is extremely fastest vehicle along with the Motorcycle. The speed of Miraddo make it hard to hit while driving. However, Mirado does not perform good off roads, you may encounter problems moving from one location to another off roads. Mirado is the most popular vehicle in Miramar, has a different color and comes without a top and with one.

2 Buggy

Buggy is the best vehicle for duos and solo players. IT is very difficult to hit a solo player riding a buggy. Buggy has a standard speed and bit hard handling experience as it slips off. It requires some decent amount of bullets to destroy buggy. The worst part is it exposes the second player riding the vehicle.


UAZ is the top four-wheeler of the Erangel map difficult to destroy. Stability and handling of UAZ is best among all the PBG Mobile vehicles. Comes with high health bar more than Dacia. UAZZ comes in variants like Open Top, Soft Top, Hard Top and Armored. UAZ seats four people and requires a large amount of bullets to destroy the vehicles.

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