PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 is out for download:New weapons,Survive till dawn, Payload mode and many more upgrades

PUBG mobile 0.15.0 new Halloween update is available out there

The world’s most popular game with millions of download,Tencent’s Pubg Mobile is back in action with its update 0.15.0 which got release on 16th of October.This update after the COD:Mobile’s huge success may seem to drag some players back in Pubg as they were tempted to play Cod mobile.

Pubg mobile has live up to expectations of fans out there eagerly waiting for new 0.15.0 update. A lot of changes have been made such as new explosive weapons,new armored vehicle,new payload mode in addition to Survive till dawn (Halloween mode).

This update introduces us to amazing new Payload mode (Evoground mode) that contains explosive heavy weapons like RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 & M134 i.e Two Rocket-launchers, one Grenade launcher and mini-gun respectively. A new amphibious armored vehicle with increased protection BRDM-2 (replacing armored UAZ) which can run in water too with bulletproof tires is added (can be call by Flare-gun fired outside the zone). Speaking about new additions, the Survive till Dawn mode(Halloween theme) features skybox, background objects and Halloween monsters,players may get new bio-warfare equpiments after killing them.

One of great feature we got to see in this update is Quick revive option(same as in Call of Duty), if our teammates get killed we’re able to collect their ID cards take them to communication tower and revive them.A helicopter that enable players to move around the map(be-aware of rocket launchers) and fire mid-air.Players are now able to grab onto ledges, climb between walls, explode barrels around, jump midair. This is basically going to change the dynamics of the game & make it more interesting to play.

Another few updates in v0.15.0 :

  • The UMP9 has been replaced by the UMP45 which now uses 0.45ACP ammo with reduced firing speed.
  • Weapons have been tuned such as M16A4, Vector, UMP45, and MK47Mutant .
  • A new pistol “Desert Eagle” has been added which deals 62 damage & uses 0.45ACP ammo.
  • Vectors base damage reduced from 34 to 31.It uses 9mm ammo now with increased magazine capacity.
  • We can explode the barrels around also fuels and can be used as an explosive items.
  • New skins and awesome crate animations have been added to make the game more interesting.

Overall the Tencent has done a great job with this new update beautifully render and improved graphics,smoothness & good game optimization. So guys If you’ve not updated,then do so,it might be worth.

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