PUBG Mobile: Vending Machine Locations Miramar

PUBG mobile greatly evolved since the launch. This popular battle royale has become a phenomenon with an enormous player base globally. Tencent’s frequent and constant updates to deliver better mobile game experience to players has made PUBG mobile the best battle royale game on Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile recent 0.18.0 update focuses mainly on Miramar. This deserted land of PUBG mobile has its own significance and impact. Various changes and additional features updated recently, like Golden Mirado, vending machines and many others. Tencent is slowly trying to bring every minor aspect of PUBG PC in Mobile. Vending Machine are the most awaited update inspired from PUBG PC.

Vending Machines are the most useful element in Miramar and can turn out to be very useful at various occasion. This machines offers you energy drinks when you interact with them. Players have to press “Purchase” button to get the drinks. You can avail maximum upto 8 energy drinks if you’re lucky.

Vending machines are installed at dedicated places in map gives you boosters like Energy Drink. It is an essential source of health if you’re out of kits and bandages. Machine only works for a certain amount of time. If you came across an unresponsive machine, you have to find another.

Top 4 Locations with high probability:

These are spawned randomly at various locations on a map. There isn’t any specified locations for these machines on Miramar. However, according to sources, some places on Miramar have the highest possibility of Vending Machines. You can most likely find Vending machines here. All this locations are mostly cities.

However, We cannot guarantee you that you will definitely find them here. But these 4 locations have highest possibilities. They can be located anywhere in the structure., within the building, keep an eye for them. Scout the locations and you may end up finding one.

Possible locations Check here too.

  • San Martin Restaurants
  • Buildings Near Pecado
  • Pecado Arena
  • El Ajahar Small Compounds
  • Los Leones Offices

Energy drinks are one of a major source of health in PUBG Mobile. USe of Vending machines also earn you some achievement points in-game.

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