PUBG Mobile:Hackers and Cheater will face ban of 10 years.

PUBG Mobile started banning hackers for 10 years …..

As per the notice by Pubg Mobile released on October 13th the cheaters and hackers will be ban for 10 years. Tencent’s PUBG mobile is the top selling mobile games in history.The increase in number of players has also led to an increase in number of hackers and cheater in a game due to which the players were facing difficulties to have a fair gameplay.

Considering the popularity of PUBG Mobile the hackers too are increased that uses specific software to alter the game and modify as per their needs.Hacks allow players to fire aimless headshots (bot aim),high jump, speed hack,see and fire through wall & open map view to identify enemy positions which is completely unfair.

Tencent has taken this threat seriously and started banning a lot of players including some famous names too for 10years.The list is increasing day by day whether it be PC or Mobile the reported players are being analysed and banned instantly. According to notice if you have any suspects in a game report it to pubg mobile directly.The team is working 24/7 to remove ones that are using software and third party apps to breach PUBG mobile.

“Use of unauthorised third-party apps or hacks that provide unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban,” as per press note.

It seems that Tencent will be taking some measures soon to avoid such players.The list of ban players from PUBG mobile & PC emulator was over 3500 players in September. The list of PUBG Mobile hackers:

and the list is 25 pages long,check here. Hope that we get to see such players off the game soon and have a fair gameplay among friends around the world.

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