PUBG New State All exciting New Features

PUBG New State is an upcoming newest battle-royale game by Krafton. It is very much similar to PUBG mobile with some additional exciting features. United States users are in joy as the alpha test for the upcoming game is already live in the country now. New State boasts some exceptional incredible features set in a futuristic world. In this article, we are going to have a look at PUBG New State Features and content.

PUBG New State New Features

PUBG New State is a high graphic mobile game powered by Gaming Illusion technology. The game has “Ultra-Realistic Graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming,” reads the game’s description on the Play Store.

Let’s have a look at some amazing features revealed in the alpha test of the game:

Green Flare Gun

Img src – PUBG New State

Unlike Red Flare Gun that is used to summon drop in PUBG mobile, Green Flare gun can revive your fallen teammates in New State. But, players can use it only once in BR game mode. Note: Revived teammate starts fresh without any gears.

Electric car

Img src – PUBG New State

PUBG New State features amazing electric cars. These cars are much stronger and faster than cars in PUBG Mobile. An electric car has its drawback too, the battery of the vehicle reduces faster if not in a safe zone.


Img src – PUBG New State

Trams are the new transportation motor introduced in PUBG New State. It follows the same fixed route for transportation and cannot be destroyed.

Vehicle improvement

Img src – PUBG New State

PUBG New State introduces major improvements in the vehicles. Now, players can use the door of the vehicle to take cover and click the Trunk icon to get hold of items stored in it.


Img src – PUBG New State

Another amazing feature of PUBG New State is deployable shields in-game. You can use these shiels for additional cover. There are two types in it – the standard one and the wide variant one for additional cover.

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