PUBG: PMPL South Asia 2020 Week 3 Day 1 Results

PUBG Mobile PMPL South Asia Week 3 has started and Day 1 ended well as usual. All the top teams have successfully maintained their balance and TSM Entity has finally dominated Orange Rock after Week 3 Day 1. TSM entity stands on top with 2 chicken dinner last night has a total score of 297 and 7 chicken dinner.

Orange Rock has fallen to #2 but still has the highest score and chicken dinner count on the table. Though they lose to Entity in terms on kills. OR have 319 points with 8 chicken dinner on the scoreboard.

SynerGE  performed well as compared to other teams on Week 3 and hold their position on #3 with 221 points and 3 chicken dinner. Followed by GODLike who has performed excellently in PMPL matches, scoring 361 points and total 6 chicken dinner.

Team Fnatic, IND and Soul is still struggling for positions and it seems tough for them as TOP 2 positions are secure right now by OR and TSM Entity. Teams are fighting for remaining 3 spots, only TOP 5 teams from PMPL South Asia will qualify for world League.

Hope the best gets selected. Stay Tuned.

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