PUBG: PMPL South Asia 2020 Week 3 Day 2 Results

Orange Rock and TSM Entity don’t know how to stop and continues to dominate the scoreboard with highest points and kills, respectively. PUBG Mobile PMPL Week 3 Day 2 has ended with interesting standings to have a look at. Orange Rock snatches their position back from TSM Entity with highest number of points on board.

OR sit on top, owning their position by total 599 points and 10 chicken dinner. Orange Rock also has the most chicken dinner on their hands. But, TSM again tried to catch OR with their third chicken dinner yesterday.

TSM Entity stands on #2 with total 564 points and 8 chicken dinner. Followed by SynerGE who showed a consistent performance and hold their position on #3 by 505 points and 4 chicken dinner. SynerGE is holding their position since previous days against GODLike who’s in Form.

Orange Rock and TSM Entity have established themselves as top two best contenders of PMPL South Asia. SynerGE and GodLike either of deserves to be at #3. It’s only a matter of time now.

Team Fnatic is doing well but hasn’t progressed since last two days. MegaStars takes the fifth position by 419 points. Fnatic is one of the class team in India and they deserve to be in Top 5. This team has the potential to dominate Megastars .

Team Soul is still struggling to get their hold on Top 5 or 6 position. Stands on #11 currently. There’re still room for them to make it on Top 6 PMPL teams before final. PMPL final will consist of top 16 teams.

Only Top 5 teams from PMPL Finals will qualify for PUBG Mobile World League.

Which Team you’re supporting in PMPL South Asia?

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