PUBG Season 6 is here with New Map Karakin And Black Zone

Tencent Game’s back with new PUBG Season 6 which is now officially live on PUBG Test server.Season 6 brings us new map,weapons,minor changes and many more.Check the Gameplay trailer below:

Season 6 comes with new 2x2km map Karakin located near Northern Africa’s coast.The new map looks almost similar to Miramar with wide rocky areas and damaged buildings.As the map size is quite small,it mean lots of action among maximum number of 64 players. Karakin have few new features like Sticky Bomb,Black zone and penetrable walls etc.Players will be experiencing a whole lot in a new map.

Karakin map will replace Vikendi In PUBG for a while. Tencent’s are planning to add more new features and updates in Vikendi and be bringing it back soon in action.Players and still play on Vikendi in Custom match.

Black Zone is another update only available in Karakin. This new zone works similar to Red Zone with few minor difference ,it can destroy buildings too. Buildings in Black zone may partially or fully destroyed or remain unharmed.Black Zone will be indicated in purple circle on map.Destroyed buildings will be indicated by’X’ mark on map.

Sticky Bomb is the new feature in Karakin ,as the name says,the bombs are capable to stick on any surface and explode shortly after that.This feature allow players to create whole new layer of strategy for the game. For teams who are defending their building, they can create new places to peek out. For teams who are trying to push a building, they can create different paths to flank enemies.Certain walls and floors have breach points which can be destroyed with Sticky Bombs.

Penetrable wall update in Season 6 allow us to fire through weak walls in Karakin.IT will allow more options for players to take fight against enemies and use this feature as an advantage.

New Season pass,Missions and Challenges for players are added in game as well.

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