PUBG Sold 70 Million Copies

PUBG still haven’t lost its touch

PUBG is creating  a benchmark with every passing day. Tencent’s Player unknown battleground is one of the best battle royal games in the market, among other popular titles. Since its launch, PUBG created a stronghold being the popular most played Battle royale game in the market.

In last few years, Battle Royale genre has captured the gaming Industries attracting a lot gamers. PUBG has played a significant role in this evolvement of gaming biz. Daily millions of Players login to this game survive the battle, to be best of 100.

The new recently surfaced on Internet, PUBG has dominated the market once again; sold 70 million copies excluding the mobile version. According to, the 70 million copies of PUBG were sold on PC, Xbox and PS4.

It’s been three years since PUBG released, the sale has slowed down in between after they recorded the 50 million figures in June 2018. With prominent free-to-play battle royale competitors like Fortnite, COD:Warzone and Apex legend, PUBG is still delivering their best on PC and console until now.  

PUBG PC was released in 2017 for PC and later launched on Xbox One, Playstation grabbing the attention of lot more players in the Industry. The game was later launched on mobile version too that largely motivated Indian gaming Industry. PUBG was the third most played game in 2019 with around 600 million active players. Fortnite at that time still had 100 million players in their pocket. PUBG have always been there, it just lost the attention in between.

Riot games Valorant launched recently tower above all the Battle Royale games on PC. Considerably PUBG still haven’t lost their spotlight yet.

The mobile version of PUBG is the most successful adaption until now. Recently recorded PUBG mobile have 400 million active players and the figures are increasing day by day.

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