PUBGM: How To Get Andy’s Character Free?

PUBG Mobile’s frequents update are the major reason behind the game’s progress. Recently, a new PUBG mobile character ‘Andy’ went Live on PUBGM server. It was being awaited by many other players in Game. Players can buy the Andy’s chracter for 1200 UC or or…listen You can also get it for free.

Yeah, you can get Andy’s character for free by from character voucher. You need 1200 character to get Andy free. These vouchers can be earned in-game by playing, completing specific task and missions by PUBG Mobile.

How To Get Character ‘Andy’ for Free

Andy is a new addition to set of characters in PUBG mobile. This character has its own advantages and unique abilities. Andy is a magician and puppeteer driven by revenge featuring a special PUBG skill -gun master and quick reloading. It also has 10 levels to unlock, level 10 consist of special emote. You can either buy Andy by 1200 UC or

Use Character vouchers to unlock Andy for free in-game. Some of you will be like – ‘But we don not have this many character voucher’. We have a solution, you can earn it in game, won’t take much long. Let’s have a look where you can earn some.

How To Get Character Voucher?

There’re few events going in PUBG mobile that can get you character vouchers. You have to hurry the event will last only for a limited time. And, this is the high time to whoop as much vouchers you can.

PUBG Mobile Road Trip Event can earn your Character vouchers for free. The event only lasts from 12th June -25th June. You have to collect diesel, travel and complete missions. You can get a Jungle Crate to unbox and get rewards. Each Jungle Crate has 10 character vouchers. Most of the milestones on the road are Jungle Crates. Collect as much Jungle vouchers as you can.

The new event Andy’s Puppet show is also started that offers you new rewards everyday for logging in. The first 3 rewards are leaked includes 1 Classic Crate coupon on the first day, 5 character shards, and 60 character vouchers on the second and third day. You can get 60 character vouchers from here.

Keep looking for more character vouchers in the game and it won’t be long till you have Andy in your inventory.

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