PUBGM World League Adds Extra Slot for 2 PMPL Teams

PMPL South Asia finals have started and we’re one step close to PUBG Mobile World League. Few days back, PMPL South Asia ended with a bang, two top teams qualifying for PUBG Mobile world League. Orange Rock, TSM Entity and GodLike has successfully qualified for world league.

Only total Top 5 teams were to qualify from PMPL South Asia region for Pubg Mobile WL. Three from PMPL South Asia League and Two from PMPL South Asia Finals. And, we already have our Top 3 teams qualified. The PMPL South Asia finals is scheduled from 12th June to 14th June 2020.

In the recent news announced by PUBG mobile officials that PUBG Mobile World League added two extra slots for PMPL South Asia. Meaning, now Top7 teams from PMPL South Asia can qualify for World League. Fortunately, SynerGE is also being now qualified for World League leaving the 3 slots remaining for Finals.

Orange Rock, TSM Entity, GodLike and SynerGE made it to World League. Top 16 teams will battle among each other for Top slots in these 3 days. The PMPL South Asia finals has a prize pool of $138,500 and only Top 3 teams from will qualify for World League.

The Final showdown between best PUBG mobile teams has started and continues for 3 days with 5 matches daily. Hope the best team qualifies. Fnatic and Team Soul have a high possibility now.

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