PUBG Mobile DMRs are among the most useful weapons in-game. Weapons in PUBG Mobile has a significant influence on players, from shotgun, snipers to Assault rifles. Every players has their own favorite set of weapons.  PUBG Mobile is one of most played Battle royale game in India. PUBG has become a phenomenon from mobile to Esports tournament.

Today we’ll compare two powerful 7.6 DMRs SKS vs SLR. Both the weapons carries a destructive potential.



SKS requires attachments like compensators, suppressors, scopes (till 8X), grips and extended mags.  While, SLR also requires the same number of attachments. Both have capacity of 3 and tie in terms of atatchment.


SKS  is the most lethal DMR for long range combat but fires only 10 rounds of bullets. SKS has power of 52 per bullet while, SLR is also the destructive weapon with damage of 58 per bullet which is significantly higher than SKS.


SKS and SLR both fires 7.62mm of bullets and have an equal range. It’s a tie here.

Firing Speed:

Firing rate of SKS(32) is significantly higher than SKS (26). Slower Firing rate may slow down your combat skills during the fight. SKS takes the point here in case of Firing rate.



SLR is among the rarest DMRs in PUBG mobile SLR headshots can knock out players with level 2 helmets. It can deal extreme damage in close range.  SKS can handle anything easily within range of 150 meters. This lethal weapon can destroy level 3 armor in 2 hits within 50 meters. If we compare they tie in statistics but SLR has proven itself more powerful at various occasions and hence takes the point here.

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