PUGB: Season 6 Update 6.3 – New Panzerfaust Weapon

PUBG Season 6 Update was a banger! with many new features and new map Karakin added to it. Tencent recently tease a new PUBG update 6.3 in a Patch report-trailer showcase a new explosive weapon ‘Panzerfaust.’ Panzerfaust will added in next PUBG update along with other updates in game. Check the trailer below:

Panzerfaust is an upcoming explosive weapon to be added in next update. It deals a greater damage within a radius of 6m. New airdrop weapon will only be available to play on Karakin map. It is a powerful weapon capable of dealing a higher damage even through walls and objects. Panzerfaust has an effective range up to 150 meters.

Things to know about Panzerfaust:

  • Guaranteed to be in every airdrop.
  • The damage radius is 6m from the point of impact.
  • One time use – Once the warhead is fired, the Panzerfaust tube will be discarded and cannot be picked back up.
  • The backblast damages those within a 3m zone behind the weapon.

Other than Panzerfaust, other weapon balance and bug fixes are to be made in next update. M249 will no more be available in airdrops, instead will spawn randomly on Erangel and Miramar.

Balances made in M249 are:

  • Added Magazine attachment​ slot. Reduced standard ammo capacity to 75-Now holds 150 with an extended mag.
  • Decreased base bullet damage from 45 to 40 & Increased recoil.
  • Semi-rare spawn.

Other minor changes are made in Tommy Gun and UMP-45- Players can now attach Red dot and holo to Tommy. Fire rate has been increased from 700 to 750 with an accuracy fix. UMP-45 damage rate has also been improved with increased muzzle velocity from 300 to 360.

Stay Tuned for more such updates.

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