Ranking All GTA High Graphic Mobile Games 2021

GTA released several popular titles on mobile version delivering the greatest open-world experience into smartphone devices. In this article, we’ve ranked all GTA High Graphic mobile games in terms of quality gameplay.

#1 GTA San Andreas

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GTA San Andreas is the most incredible title in the franchise. It’s been over 15 years since the release of this game and players can’t get enough of it. GTA SA is a cultural phenomenon and the most recognized titles in the franchise. Carl Johnson has always been one of the beloved characters in the GTA series. Though this sprawling universe is packed with violence and action. CJ doesn’t enjoy it more like other GTA characters.

Rockstar Games ported the title on the Android version to deliver the same open-world experience on your mobile phones. It is available on Android & iOS devices.

#2 GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City is arguably the best favourite title of many gamers since decade. It is a revolutionary title that received an outstanding response from players. GTA Vice City won the hearts of every player and holds a special position. Moreover, VC is one of the most successful video game ever in the franchise. Tommy has remained the favourite of many because of his humour, intelligence and badass personality in the criminal world.

GTA Vice City perfectly captures the essence of the 80s world, with intense action, gang war and the dark story of Tommy Vercetti. The android version of the game delivers every element with enhanced graphics, smooth gameplay and lots of gang activity.

#3 GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories is a prequel to GTA III. The game revolves around the same characters. However, the game features a different storyline but it does not limit the action. Liberty City Stories is the reason for the prequel of GTA VC called GTA Vice City Stories. 

GTA Liberty City Stories is another great title in the series to enjoy on your Android phone. It is a fun game with good graphics and gameplay.

#4 Grand Theft Auto III

gtA 3

GTA 3 stands fourth on our list. Even the title failed to meet the expectations of mobile gamers. It is a must-try GTA game on Android. This open-world crime game follows the same storyline with some minimal changes from the original GTA III. Overall, it is fun and engaging on Android devices.

#5 Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars

GTA: Chinatown Wars is one of the impressive GTA title released on the android platform. It features elements of the underworld and the story of Triad Huang Lee after his father’s untimely death. Unintentionally he gets involved in underworld affairs and eventually becomes the kingpin. The game is amazing and also available on the Android platform. You are going to love the epic storyline of GTA Chinatown Wars.

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