Ranking Top 5 DMR in PUBG Mobile (2021)

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played Battle Royale game. It has become a phenomenon from mobile to Esports tournament.

PUBGM offers various weapons in-game and has a significant influence on players, from snipers, Assault Rifle, shotguns and pistols. DMR is one of the best sniper rifles present in the game. DMR (designated marksman rifle) useful in mid-range combat and prove itself as lethal weapons on various occasions. 

PUBG Mobile DMRs are among the most useful weapons in-game. Every player has their own favourite set of weapons. In this article, we’ve ranked the TOP 5 PUBG Mobile DMRs in 2021.

5) Mini-14

Mini14 is a lightweight DMR and is useful in short-range combats with a Power of 46 carries 20 round mags. This DMR is my favourite honestly. It can equip all AR attachments like compensators, suppressors, scopes. Mini14 is DMR with high accuracy and low recoil and can effectively destroy a level 2 helmet in two close-range shots.

4) QBU

QBU is another 5.56mm DMR in PUBG Mobile that holds great potential. The base damage of this weapon is 55HP per hit. It is only available on the Sanhok map instead of Mini 14. In terms of stability, it is more stable when you prone and fire. IT is quite a great weapon even in close range, hence, made it among the Top 4 DMRs in PUBG Mobile.

3) SLR

SLR is a powerful DMRs in PUBG mobile. It is the most lethal DMR for long-range combat but fires only 10 rounds of bullets. SLR has a power of 0f 58 per bullet which is significantly higher than other DMRs. 2 SLR headshots can knock out players with level 2 helmets. It can deal with extreme damage in close range. However, SLR shots become weaker effectively after the range of 400 meters.

2) SKS

SKS is another destructive DMR in PUBG mobile and preferred by many players. SKS can handle anything easily within a range of 150 meters. This lethal weapon can destroy level 3 armour in 2 hits within 50 meters. Now you can guess the power it possesses. Players who master SKS can be destructive if underestimated.

1) Mk14

The king of DMR Mark 14 is a supply drop weapon of the DMR class which is fed 7.62mm rounds. It comes under the DMR category of sniper rifles and considered superior to SKS, SLR and Mini 14. Its base damage is 63 which is the highest for DMRs. It surely is difficult for a long-range steady snipe but a beast in close range when you switch it to auto mode. But, due to its high recoil, it is usually left behind in airdrops. Mk14 is fully automatic with high accuracy and damage in a single shot.

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