Resident Evil 8: News & Leaks

Capcom is recently working on remakes of titles like Resident Evil 3 & a new and interesting leaks about Resident Evil 8 is already in the air. Since the release of last Resident Evil 7 in 2017,there were no official word about another title in series.But the sudden rumors, sprouted recently about Resident Evil 8 sounds fishy.

According to rumors,from Biohazard Declassified who got anonymous tips suggest, Resdient Evil 8 would follow the same first-person perspective that was used in Resident Evil 7.If its true,its really disappointing for me.The game will also feature the return of protagonist Ethan Winters from RE7 and Chris Redfield;who appeared at the end of game,however,his involvement is still unknown.

Another interesting rumors says, RE8 may includes return of zombies and new enemies like werewolves are expected to make an appearance.Involvement of female phantom monster that stalks the player could be the another addition to game. There are possibility that it will feature a clever title and it won’t even be called Resident Evil 8.

However,there is no official word from Capcom, they are currently working on Resident Evil 3 remake. But something unexpected might turn out at PlayStation 5 reveal.Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.

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