Sea of Thieves Finally on STEAM !

Get ready for this ‘shared world adventure game.’

Rare’s action adventure pirate game is finally coming to Steam PC on 3rd June 2020. It’s been two years since the game officially released for Windows and Xbox One Game. Thie title now made it online game platform – Steam.

Microsoft officially announced the news on blog post  said “For over two years the members of our community have been sailing freely into a fantastical adventure with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One and Windows 10, but as we go full steam ahead we look forward to onboarding a whole new community of PC players.”

Sea of Thieves  will now join the steam at $39.99. The title promises to support \cross play between all the versions of the game. Even if you already have the copy of Windows 10 and Xbox One, you may still need to purchase a steam version to play it on valve’s virtual storefront. Players will be on eminent threat running into other pirates, so be careful.


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Sea of thieves received many updates during two years and has greatly improved its feature whether its gameplay or in-game pirate elements. The game offers everything a pirate needs. Sail into your boat and conquer the Seas to become the ultimate pirate legend.

The title has already attracted more than 10 million players in January 2020 and still counting. Seas of Thieves have an enormous fan base and is an excellent first-person multi-player game.

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