Sludge Life is New Free Game on Epic Game Store

Recently, a new free open-world game dropped in Epic Games Store for a year. The Sludge Life is a freewheeling open-world romp and graffiti gameplay stuffed with full of cat buttholes. Players can snap butts of cats, soke cigarettes, play basketball and many exotic activities.

The game mainly focuses on exploring the dirty, polluted island where you play as a ghost moving up the graffiti food chains. You wander around the city tagging and committing vandalism at its extreme.

Oh .. there the cat with two buttholes

It’s a fresh fun game to play on your PC during lockdown with an impressive explosion of art in-game.

Sludge Life launched Yesterday on Epic Games Store for a free of cost. Though it’s only available for a limited time, you have plenty of time to grab the game. Sludge Life is free for a year. So, you don’t have grab it in a hurry. Check the trailer below:

It’s a fun play video game where you explore the nasty world with some humorous elements that will keep you engage in the game.


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