Snowy Island added in PUBG Mobile Erangel

Tencent’s Pubg Mobile is most successful Battle royal game out there. Tencent are keeping up with frequent updates in game to make it more enjoyable.Last month 0.15.0 update brought some good new features to game.

However,the news of upcoming 0.16.0 update is also in the air with major in-game updates like new skins,new Rage gear mode and outfits etc with snow theme. According to leaks PUBG mobile Erangel may have hidden snowy island.Most probably the location of island is said to be somewhere around Georgopol. The island may consist of bulk of loots including sniper rifles and AR with kits.

Island have broken walls and hidden area,can be used during fight. The cable car will also be available on snowy mountain areas to give squad an advantage over enemies and vice versa.PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 will soon be out probably on December 11,2019.

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