Sons Of The Forest Free Download PC

Sons of the Forest, released on February 23, 2023, is an exciting open-world survival horror simulator developed by the creators of ‘The Forest.’ This article provides information on how to download Sons of the Forest for free on your PC. Explore the terrifying world of cannibals and survival in this gripping game.

About the Game

Sons of the Forest offers a unique and immersive experience, crafted by the developers of ‘The Forest.’ Set on a remote island, you are sent on a mission to find a missing billionaire, only to discover yourself trapped in a cannibal-infested hellscape. Whether you choose to brave this horrifying adventure alone or team up with friends, the game provides endless possibilities for crafting, building, and surviving.

Experience Complete Freedom

In Sons of the Forest, you have the freedom to tackle the game world in your own way. Decide your actions, choose your path, and strategize to maximize your chances of survival. Unlike traditional games, there are no non-playable characters (NPCs) barking orders or imposing unwanted missions. Every decision is in your hands, and you have the power to shape the outcome.

Fight Against Mutated Creatures

Prepare to encounter a variety of mutated creatures in Sons of the Forest. Some of them possess disturbingly human-like features, while others defy any familiar description. Equipped with an array of weapons such as pistols, axes, and stun batons, you must protect yourself and those you care for from these formidable adversaries. Every interaction and every choice matters as you navigate through this treacherous world.

Craft, Build, and Survive

Immerse yourself in the art of survival by utilizing the game’s crafting and building mechanics. Break sticks to make fires, use an axe to cut out windows and floors, and construct your own shelter. From a small cabin to a sea-side compound, the choice is yours. Gather resources and adapt to the changing seasons. Pluck fresh salmon from streams in spring and summer, and collect and store meat for the harsh winter months.

Survive Alone or with Friends

In Sons of the Forest, you have the option to tackle the challenges of the island alone or team up with friends for cooperative play. Share items, work together to build defenses, and explore above and below ground as a group. The companionship of others can prove invaluable as you face the threats that await.


Sons of the Forest offers an intense and immersive survival horror experience. Download Sons Of The Forest for free on your PC and dive into a world where your decisions dictate your fate. Craft, build, and fight to stay alive in the face of cannibals and mutated creatures. Will you be able to survive alone, or will you team up with friends to increase your chances? The choice is yours to make in Sons of the Forest.