SpiderMan 2 Leaks: PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive release, Marvel’s Spiderman was one of successful games and the fastest-selling game of 2018 in terms of physical units. Spiderman sold 3.3 billion units in first three days of release.Fans have been waiting for another installment in series since then,and the rumors about SpiderMan 2 is in the air.

According to sources,the game will launch exclusively for PS5 in 2021 with a reveal later this year.But,there’s no official word from Sony.As we know, Sony ain’t participating at E3 event this year and planing to do things differently.Hence,we may be revealed to new exclusive lineup of games for PlayStation 5 this year with games such as Godfall, Demon Soul Remastered and SpiderMan 2 finally.

The leaks suggest a good news for SpiderMan fans,the maps are bigger this time.The game will take place on usual open-world city of Manhattan with the added districts of Queens and Brooklyn. The birthplaces of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

The next thing leaks go on to talk about, few supporting characters like Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson from comic.The story is said to hint towards Marvel universe,also the involvement of OsCorp is rumored with a cloning story-line. The cloning makes me to believe that Ben Reilly might make an appearance. Those who are unaware Ben Reilly is a clone of Spider-Man .

Alongside, SpiderMan 2 will also feature villains like- Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Mysterio, the lizard, Cardiac and a few more.Its good to know ,insomniac games are working to take this title on another level.

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