Summerford: New Upcoming Horror Action Game

From the developers of Noisy Valley, Summerford is a third-person horror game with a classic touch like Silent Hill & Resident Evil. Game showcase a realistic high graphics and features the town turned into a whole terrifying mess after a massive nuclear disaster.Noisy Valley has done an amazing work bringing real horrific locations in game,very much like Isle of Wight and the Cotswolds. Check the game teaser below:

Summerford takes place in UK town called Summerford,the location in United Kingdom chosen in 1963 to build first nuclear plant laboratory.With the years of functioning, lab encounters a massive nuclear disaster, radioactives effecting the whole town and areas around it.

The game put you in the shoes of protagonist Sam who lost her way inside the Summerford, among the groups who were exploring near the radioactive region.Story takes place in 2023,37 years after the catastrophic event.She’ll encounter alot of strange things inside Summerford. The only way out for her is to get deeper and learn what has happened to the nuclear plants and the people living nearby. Summerford gives player a horror -action adventure experience with balanced elements in-game.

Developers have done a great job,this third-person horror game that takes inspiration from best horror titles like Silent hills,Alone in dark and Resident Evil etc.The location in game are realistic with horrific elements that make games more interesting to play.

There’s no official word about release date of game yet.Stay tuned,I’ll keep you updated.Also check our other post to know Top horror games of 2020.

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