Survival for Treasure Free Download PC

Welcome to the thrilling world of “Survival for Treasure”, an immersive survival game where you face hordes of zombies to reach your goal.

You will play as a brave adventurer who has volunteered to explore a zombie-infested island in search of a safe full of money. Your task will be to go through the different zones of the island, find the safe and get the money as quickly as possible before returning safely to the starting point. Be alert because zombies are lurking around every corner trying to eliminate you. You will need to equip yourself with weapons and useful items, devise clever strategies to avoid zombie attacks and successfully find the precious safe within the given time frame.

!!!! Warning!!!!

Please note that the game may contain some bugs as it was developed by one person. We ask for your understanding and encourage you to report any issues you may encounter so we can resolve them. We are committed to constantly improving the game to give you the best possible experience. Thank you for your support!