Table Top Racing: World Tour OUT for Android Now

Mobile racing game fans hold your seats,Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing finally made its way to Android. Table Top Racing is an arcade-battler racing game launched all the way back in 2013 for mobile.Racers are armed with weapons to fight against opponents during the race course.The second installment ‘Table Top Racing: World Tour’ in the series got released in 2016 for PlayStation 4,PC and Xbox One.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro edition recently launched for iOS back in November 2019 and has finally made it to Android Google Play Store as premium Game.Watch the Trailer Below:

The Android version of games comes with extra new features and games runs smooth at 60FPS on high-end devices.Whereas, iOS 13+ device owners can play the game with an MFi, a DualShock 4, or an Xbox One controller.Android version of game is also compatible with Android TV controllers.

Moreover Table Top Racing: World Tour android supports cross-play between Android, Android TV, iOS, and Apple TV 4K. Players can play as Single player and Multiplayer online with friends as well.Table Top Racing: World Tour comes with 32 challenging tracks to master with 16 cars to upgrade over 180 events in all.So, if you’re a big racing game fan do give it a try.

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Here’s what Jon reviewed back about Nintendo Switch ‘Nitro Edition’, calling it “a fully-featured arcade racer with a genuinely meat single player campaign” that “nonetheless lacks a cutting edge where it matters – on the track”.

The Game was released on Nintendo Switch later changed its lanes onto iOS devices and finally Android Now.

Get Table Top Racing: World Tour from Play-Store Now :

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