Tips & Hidden Places in PUBG Mobile Library Map

PUBG Mobile has dominated the Indian gaming industry since the launch. It’s also responsible for the revolution of Esports in India. PUBG mobile offers a great graphics, weapons and environment in your Smartphone screen to enjoy. Developer’s constant updates have improved PUBG mobile a lot over the years.

PUBG Mobile introduced the game’s first-ever indoor map ‘Library Map’ in the Arena playlist. The new Gun game in Library Map has become the trend since the release. It offers 4v4 gameplay experience with starting Arena Mode weapons. As you kill your enemeies, your weapon keeps updating. The first team to use Final Weapon –Pan, claims the chicken dinner.

Library boasts a symmetrical layout and few weak players would need strategic and positioning advantages to win the game. That’s why; In this article we’ll discuss the Hidden Places in Library Map and Tips to win the match.

Hidden Places in Library Map

Library Map have some secret locations that you can take an advantage to catch your opponent off guard.

  • The first is the secret passage at each bridge end. You can spot the location and entrance of this passage in the hidden wall corner below the staircase.
  • The Monument on the other side of the bridge is the next amazing place where you can hide, sit and kill down enemies.
  • You can hide behind the bookshelves standing on the ground, always keep an eye on enemies and their footsteps to kill them surprisingly.
  • You can also hide under the staircase and camp down to catch your enemies off guard.

Tips To Win PUBG Mobile Gun Game

Let’s have a look at few tips that may crown you as the winner of Gun Game.

  • The game starts with SMG rifle, Keep engaging in close combat and try hip fire to take down an enemy.
  • Maintain co-ordination and cover fire your teammates to secure kills.
  • Find a better location if you aren’t good with bolt action sniper rifles in close range.
  • If your teammate reach the Pan, provide him enough cover to help kill an enemy.
  • A pan kill crowns you as a winner, so always be ready to support your teammates.
  • If you get the pan, choose an enemy with a pistol to kill.
  • If you cannot kill an enemy with a fist, let enemy kill you. You will be respawned with a gun.

Do you enjoy New Gun Game in Library Map?

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