Tips & Tactics For PUBG Mobile Hot Drops

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game. Weapons and Maps are the other major reasons why this game is loved by millions of players. Daily millions of players play this game whether they rank push, maintain their KD or improve their skills. Players who want more kills usually look for hot drops on Maps. Today we’ll share some tips and tactics that can be used to survive in hot-drop locations.

Pushing in PUBG Mobile Hot Drop

You have to prepare well before you hit hot drops in PUBG Mobile. You also need to be careful about your position as well as enemies. Land at a point where you can pack the weapon easily. Then rush before your enemies get ready for battle.

Do not rush for other equipment. Grab a weapon and kill the enemy first. If you loot supplies at hot drops, your enemies might kill you immediately.

Hunker Down in PUBG Mobile

In hot drop locations your priority should be weapon. First, kill your enemies nearby and find a place for cover. Keep your eyes and ears open, look around and spectate. To rush you need good weapon and positions as well. Make sure you land on top of the building carry weapons and ammunition. You can also pack some throwables that can be helpful during push. Do not enter building through windows, you may get killed instantly.

Bait the Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Another useful drop tactic is to bait your enemies in such locations. Keep an eye on your opponent while landing. If you spot enemy separated from his teammates while landing, use it as an opportunity to bait him. Inform your teammates. Then one player from your team has to push and shoot the enemy, while the others support him from a distance. You can easily bring down a squad using this tactic.

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