Top 10 Android Games of March 2020

With the March near to an end we have brought you the Top 10 Android games of this month.

Note: You can find almost all games in PlayStore, if you can’t find one search for .apk on Google.

10 Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is an Arcade android game with colorful graphics where you run through crafted levels dodging the obstacles on your way by Jump and switch. It is one of great platform games to play. Chameleon Run is an entertaining game with smooth gameplay.

9 Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Sky Dancer Run is an amazing runner game and far better than Temple Run and Subway Surfer. It’s a run and jump game with great visuals and smooth gameplay. Players run across various and hazardous obstacles, cliffs from one flying Island to another. We run and fly across terrains freely conquering lands. The environment and smooth controls gives Sky Dancer Run an upper hand making it fun to play.

8 Slap Kings

Slap Kings is a game where you take part in a world-wide slapping competition. The competition consists of taking turns slapping each other until one of the two players gets knocked out. It is a fun arcade game where you travel around the world, slapping all kinds of opponents along the way. Game offers decent cartoonish graphics and various characters.

7 Winter Survival

Winter Survival is a new must play survival game of android.Winter Survival is an action RPG similar to Last Day on Earth and Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy. It’s openly inspired by a Game of Thrones-like universe. Simple control systems with an excellent survival RPG that follows the footsteps of Last Day on Earth. Its backdrop is unique. It has fun game systems and amazing graphics.

6 Miami Crime Simulator 2

Miami Crime Simulator 2 is a third person action-adventure and open world crime game. You are put in the shoes of a player who have to complete mission in Miami kills gang members steal vehicles and ply your role as a criminal in an open-world environment with great graphics and smooth gameplay controls.

5 Limbo

Limbo is a 2D puzzled video game.Its a freaky and weird game where a boy enters Limbo Uncertain of his sisters fate.The game looks dark but its enjoyable and difficult with lots of surprises and traps.The dark visuals serves deadly and haunting environment.The player controls the boy throughout the game who can run left or right, jump, climb onto short ledges or up and down ladders and ropes, and push or pull objects.Game gets difficult as we progress.

4 Shadowgun War Games

Screenshot Image

Shadowgun War Games is a new shooting game by MADFINGER for iOS and android devices released on this February. The glossy Shadowgun action game series is to embrace five on five battles very much inspired from Overwatch with 5v5 mode where each player has different abilities.Characters in the game are Slade, Jet, SARA, Willow, Revenant. It is one of best battle games out there which released recently.

3 Takashi Ninja Warrior – Shadow of Last Samurai

Takashi – Ninja Warrior is an action game developed by Horizon Games. Takashi is one of best action RPG fighting game where you can be the bravest shadow warrior assassin who fights to stop darkness from rising. Takashi offers excellent graphic with smooth gameplay and control. Storyline of the game keep you immersed. This is one of great games to play in terms of Action and Graphics.

2 LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

Lego Cube is an open-world videogame that lets you experience an infinite world of possibilities. It is very much similar to Minecraft in terms of Gameplay. The game ports you in an open-world where you can create all kind of objects and structures with LEGO bricks. Travel around, get materials and tools, and build everything from scratch in an infinite world. LEGO Cube is an awesome game that will bring you a new kind of experience. You can create your own new dreamworld with LEGO.

1 Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a 3D MMORPG, set in a futuristic fantasy world. Pay attention to your surroundings though, because you might just recognize a bunch of real places from different parts of the world. Game uses unreal engine 4 and combat system is one of its strengths. It offers a much more dynamic experience than other titles in the genre. The story mode is definitely one of the main attractions of Dragon Raja. It’s a spectacular game with excellent graphics and controls.

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